Sikadime is a retired Canadian gold selling, independent award  winning artist & producer,  platinum Grammy nominated musician, former radio host, published author, and 7x inductee to the  Canadian Library & Archives.

Best known for his collaborations with artists such as B-Real of Cypress Hill, Mellow Man Ace, Moka Only, D-Sisive, Dan-e-o and his production work for Tru-Paz 'Revolutions (The Time has Come)', the theme for the 2010 indie cult film 'The Musick' and as well involvement on the track 'My Type' from T.I.'s 2007 Grammy nominated 'T.I. vs T.I.P' album.

Born Tristan Amison in 1984 to a Creole/Huron Indian/Ukranian Canadian mother and a Andorran/English immigrant father, young Sikadime was first introduced to rap music via the song O.P.P by Naughty By Nature off his mom's Much Music Dance Mix 92 cassette. "There was always hip hop around me like in movies, tv shows and my dad's Navy buddies but that was the track that hooked me right in. My dad had no musical talents but supported mine. I had a hard time fitting in being a light mixed race kid at school. Pops went out of his way to find me a keyboard, a drum machine, 4 track recorder that by the time I was 10 (Sika10), I was making cassette albums in the basement to performing at mall talent shows." 

Originally from Victoria BC, it was in the early 2000’s that Sikadime came to prominence as the frontman for the disbanded groups Tha Pacolyps & Joker'z Wild in Toronto and Niagara, Ontario. After a string of releases, Tha Pacolyps went onto sign to the now defunct Death Row Record’s subsidiary label Tha Row Underground. His rugged voice can be heard on the moderate singles 'What Kind of Man Am I' & 'The Essence.' After the label folded & group parted ways with no release of the album, Sikadime ventured off as a solo artist.

Re-emerging in 2004 at the age of 19 in New York City, Sikadime became an in-house music producer for Bronx based label Bomb Baby Unlimited. Sikadime took to the independent route and funded his 2006 album Rejuvenated. With no music video, heavy promotion on Myspace and touring, the album eventually gave Sikadime a Canadian gold single four years later for the title song 'Rejuvenated.' The album opened doors for the young artist leading to world wide distribution deals and contributing vocals to B-Real of Cypress Hill’s album 'The Harvest.' After working on The Harvest, Sikadime signed a one album licensing deal to Cypress Hill’s label Latin Thug Records which released his 2010 helmed hip hop classic album 'Carpe Noctem.'  While promoting the album with the I'm A Nobody & Carpe Noctem tours, Sikadime then signed a management deal with Young Money to be an opening act for Drake's Lightdreams & Nightmares US Tour having opened for the now global superstar in the past before stardom.

In between albums and tours, Sikadime would also go back to college and university and earn a Bachelors of Business with undergrad in Psychology, a Social Worker diploma, an Information Technology diploma and a Audio Engineering and Multimedia Production degree. During the 3 year recording process of Carpe Noctem, Sikadime took a break and even went to teach English as a second language in South Korea for 6 months. 

After a couple more deals with other labels for other albums, Sikadime reached the height of his career with 2012's 'They Missing Out When They Not Here' at the time distributed by Interscope Records digital distribution. With two lead singles, Sikadime organized the Night of Your Life Tour across North America. Thereafter in 2013, the artist disappeared from the limelight to deal with the murder of an original member of Joker'z Wild and the passing of his former girlfriend. Reflecting back on that period, "At that time, I was at two funerals a few weeks apart. It felt like the world stopped and it took me a long time to give myself permission to move on."

A few years passed and Sikadime re-emerged once again. Now back in his northwest roots, the artist came out with his own radio show 'Up North Juice'  and the 2017 independent release of 'Going The Distance'. The album was well received and won 2 music awards. After a couple more releases and the passing of his father, Sikadime announced his retirement following the release of his 50th album, 2020's award winning 'Losers, Rejects & Renegades.' "My pops was my biggest fan. He got to travel the world in the navy and I got to travel it as a musician. He had his regrets of missing moments in my life and since now I'm a family man, he would say to stay rooted."

From West Till Three started out as Sikadime's own vanity label releasing his albums independently which has turned into music publishing, book publishing and clothing brand. The term comes from a saying of Sikadime; "From west to east. I just have a unique way and say it From West Till Three which to me is all about time and direction. So that's been my motto behind it."