Losers, Rejects & Renegades (Vinyl)

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Limited Edition 12" black vinyl with white labelling


Side A:

1. Batman Housecoat

2.  Give or Take

3. Brand New Shit

4. Good Intentions

5. Like Pushin' a Panda On a Swing (feat. Alina Amison)


Side B:

6. Blink of an Eye (feat. Glamorvs Fade)

7. Going Places

8. Even When

9. Losers, Rejects & Renegades

10. Flashbacks


Executive Producer : Arturo Amison

All tracks written, produced, recorded, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Sikadime (Socan/BMI) at Sika's Cave (Coquitlam BC)

except for "Blink of An Eye" co-written by Jay Plot & Keyvous Fade and recorded at Jay's Studio - Sherman Oak's, CA.

Album photo by Joshua-Rawson Harris with artwork and design by Sikadime.